2018-2019 Staff PfS Year End Review Process Is Underway

To ALL Staff Managers & Employees:

The 2018-2019 Staff PfS Year End Review process has started with the Employee Self-Review. All staff employee review documents have been released through the NSC system and are ready for employees to complete the self-review step.  We will follow the phased timeline process below:

Phase 1: PfS reviews are created in the system

  • Step 1: Employee completes self-review – by January 24
  • Step 2: Manager completes employee review after receiving self–review – by February 15

Phase 2: HR Review includes Next Level Manager (NLM) Review

  • Division Leadership & Managers – by March 20

 Phase 3: PfS performance meeting (including goal planning for next cycle)

  • Step 1: Manager and employee meet for the review discussion -  by April 12
  • Step 2: Employee “signs-off” in the system to complete the process – by April 29
  • Step 3: Employee enters goals for next cycle & Manager approves goals – by May 6

 For access to the detailed timeline illustrated in both narrative and process map formats, click on 2018 - 19 PFS Yr End Review Timeline Narrative & Process Map. In addition, the NEOMED Staff PfS Guide can offer assistance to both managers and employees in completing key steps in this process. Also, you may always contact HR by emailing HRPfS@neomed.edu or by calling 330-325-6729 with any questions and/or need for assistance.

-Submitted by Barbara Tobias

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