Howard Sutton Wins 2018 Conflict Resolution Day Online Scavenger Hunt

Around the globe, the third Thursday in October is celebrated annually as Conflict Resolution Day. At NEOMED, the Office of the Ombuds organized an online scavenger hunt for the third consecutive year. The goal of the online scavenger hunt is to provide an opportunity for the campus community to discover some basic principles of conflict resolution as well as to learn more about the Office of the Ombuds, including how it aims to serve the university by aiding students, faculty and staff in addressing issues and concerns.

The online scavenger hunt began on Oct. 18 and ended on Oct. 24. 

A total of 120 people participated – 52.5 percent students and 47.5 percent faculty or staff. Below shows a breakdown of participants:

  • Faculty: 6 (5%)
  • Staff: 51 (42%)
  • COGS student: 1 (1%)
  • COM student: 40 (33%)
  • COP student: 22 (18%)

All answers to the scavenger hunt questions could be found online. Anyone who scored at least eight out of ten points correctly was automatically entered into a drawing to win a $200 Amazon Gift Card. Ninety-nine percent of the participants scored at least 8 out of 10 points, qualifying them for the drawing.

Congratulations to the winner of the drawing, Howard Sutton (pictured above), Information Technology systems administrator!

In case you missed it, following are the questions and correct answers for the scavenger hunt.

Question #1 
In the Ombuds Services informational video, what type of ombuds role does Dr. Dash identify herself as holding? Clue: Video can be found on the Ombuds webpage.


Question #2
In the Ombuds Services informational video, Dr. Dash provides three examples of ways in which she assists students, faculty and staff. Which is NOT an example that she provided? Clue: Video can be found on the Ombuds webpage.

assists with investigating complaints

Question #3
In the Ombuds Services informational video, Dr. Dash identifies the various ways to contact her. Which way did she NOT identify? Clue: Video can be found on the Ombuds webpage.

campus office

Question #4
What is the email address to use to contact the Ombuds? Clue: Answer can be found on the Ombuds webpage or the informational video. 


Question #5
What is the most important idea that Dr. Dash stressed about assertive communication? Clue: The answer can be found in The Pulse article, "Assert Yourself."

It is important that while speaking up for your own needs and rights, that you also respect the needs and rights of others.

Question #6
In The Pulse article, "Assert Yourself," it was stated that Dr. Dash not only is available for confidential consultations to assist with issues, concerns and disputes, including preparing for difficult conversations, but she supports the personal and professional development of students and employees through conflict coaching and training delivery. True or False? 


Question #7
In the article Positive Assertiveness: 7 Tips for Stepping Up Without Stepping on Toes, what type of feedback does author Amy Castro say is more likely to be heard and accepted? 


Question #8

Fill in the blank: In the article Open-Ended Questions Enhance Employee Communication, David Grossman says that when a leader listens to what employees have to say, showing "__________ and respect for their input," it shows employees that he/she cares, and as a result, the impact is significant. 


Question #9
Who was the winner of the $200 Amazon gift card drawing from last October's Conflict Resolution Day online scavenger hunt? Clue: Answer can be found in The Pulse. Click here.

Heidi Der

Question #10
When is Conflict Resolution Day observed?

the 3rd Thursday of every October

-Submitted by Angela E. Dash

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