A letter to students from the Center for Student Wellness and Counseling Services

Dear Students,

Our team at the Center for Student Wellness and Counseling Services would like to reach out to all of you and express our thoughts, feelings and concerns related to the whirlpool of change we have all been coping with in this past week and a half. We recognize that we all have been dealing with sudden changes to our daily routine and procedures which can span the emotional continuum of feeling overwhelmed, fearful, grief/loss, and isolated to being creative, humorous, hopeful, or socially connected through a common experience.

Please see the Whale Watch student newsletter below for more from our staff and helpful strategies designed to manage distress within your control despite the external circumstances.

Please remember if you are experiencing any types of feelings or behaviors, mentioned in the attached newsletter, for several days in a row and are unable to carry out normal responsibilities because of them, please reach out to our office 330.325.6757, counseling@neomed.edu, or these local crisis resources.

Dr. Jennifer Dougall, Director
Dr. Tiffany Thomas-Lakia; Staff Psychiatrist
Stephanie Orwick, Assistant Director
Jessica Lansinger, Staff Counselor
Dana Whittlesey, Program Coordinator

-Submitted by Dana Whittlesey

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