A Look at the Past, with an Eye on the Future

As NEOMED approaches its 50th anniversary since its founding, we are looking back at the different eras that shaped the University, while also keeping an eye on the unfolding of a new mission, vision and values that will carry the University forward for years to come.

Beginning next week, we will kick off a series that highlights NEOMED’s past presidents, starting with Stanley W. Olson, M.D. Our aim is to help educate the NEOMED community on its history and highlight key accomplishments that have allowed the University to thrive.

Since our inception in 1973, these former presidents and leaders of Northeast Ohio Medical University have walked among those entrusted with the direction, administration and scholarship of our community-based medical University in collaboration with our educational, clinical, public and private partners.

These leaders exhibited the vision, values, commitment and skills required for our students to become leaders in health care.

We are all part of this history.

Keep an eye on The Pulse for the initial feature on Dr. Olson.

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