A Message from the NEOMED Police Department

NEOMED Community,

The Northeast Ohio Medical University Police Department condemns the actions of the Minneapolis police officer who has since been fired and charged with the murder of George Floyd. His actions which include putting his knee on the neck of Mr. Floyd are appalling and are unlike any police officer training of which I am aware. Our role is to protect and serve, so it saddens me to know that another officer would use their badge as a right to senselessly harm a man because of his race.

The NEOMED Police are committed to developing and maintaining a safe and peaceful campus environment. Our officers are sworn to protect constitutional rights, enforce state laws, and provide ethical and equitable police services in support of the University’s mission. NPD Officers value the lives of all people. We have zero tolerance for hate crimes and racism anywhere, including on our police force.  

Everyone, regardless of race, color, religion, gender, gender identity or expression, or sexual orientation, deserves equitable police services. The hiring process of the NEOMED Police Department includes several processes to make sure we hire officers who not only value diversity, but who are compassionate and empathetic.

Since our formation in 2015, we have made it a priority to build trust and legitimacy within our NEOMED Community. We have done this with positive and proactive engagement with our community and treating everyone with dignity and respect in all interactions. What happened in Minneapolis and in other cities around the country is counter to what the NEOMED Police Department stands for and is not representative of who we are as officers or as human beings.

The NEOMED Police Department stands with our black students, faculty and staff and we want all to know that we value the privilege to serve and protect you as we do all members of the NEOMED Community, both ethically and equitably.




Kali A. Meonske
Director of Public Safety/Chief of Police

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