A Message from the Ombuds

Greetings NEOMED community,

This announcement is to inform you that as a result of the financial challenges that the state of Ohio is facing related to COVID-19, my contract to provide ombuds services for the students and employees of Northeast Ohio Medical University, will not be renewed for the fiscal year 2021. This means that my last day of service to you as the Ombuds, is June 30, 2020. I will continue to aid employees and students until that date. The University is also working on a plan to serve your needs after July 1, 2020, so that you can continue to have a mechanism to address issues, concerns and disputes informally and confidentially.

I have served as your Ombuds since 2014. During this time, I have had the privilege of not only serving in this role, but in witnessing students and employees alike, take courageous steps in managing tough situations which has resulted in strengthened working relationships, creative problem-solving, positive systemic change, and increased conflict management competencies. My final words to you, is to keep working courageously! Keep working courageously, and keep working together, in support of the NEOMED mission!

It has been a pleasure to know you and to serve.

Warm regards,
Angela Dash, PhD, PCC

Email: ombuds@angeladash.com

Schedule an appointment before July 1, 2020.

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