A Reminder from the NEOMED Care Team

We know this is a difficult time for most people right now, so we wanted to take the time to remind everyone of NEOMED’s Care Team.

The Care Team is a multi-disciplinary, campus-wide network of resources to encourage mental health, well-being, and help-seeking throughout the campus community. The Care Team focuses on prevention, early intervention, and provision of support services for individuals in the NEOMED community experiencing distress or engaging in harmful or disruptive behaviors.

The Care Team is a resource for anyone at NEOMED to communicate their concern about an emerging situation involving an individual faculty, staff, student or guest’s behavior which is causing concern about the safety of that individual and/or others in the University community but has not escalated to an emergency. This includes not only single incidents, but also patterns of behavior.

Dr. Russell Spieth, Managing Director of Campus Mental Health, and I are co-leaders of this team. We are available to virtually meet with your department to introduce the team, provide an explanation of what we do, and answer any questions regarding team operations.

Russell and I have met with several University departments over the past year and each meeting has proved to be beneficial. We feel it is incredibly important that the campus community is aware of this resource.

If you are interested in Russell and I briefly meeting with your department, please send an email to careteam@neomed.edu to let us know the best way to go about scheduling.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Sincerely, Russell E. Spieth, Ph.D.
Licensed Psychologist
Department of Psychiatry

Kali A. Meonske
Director of Public Safety / Chief of Police
Department of Public Safety

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