Advice to Students in VITALS Preview Conversation

Today, medical oncologist/hematologist Mehool Patel, M.D. (’98), M.B.A., is the associate chief medical officer within IBM’s HOPE (Health Officers Pursuing Excellence & Evidence) team. As the featured guest on the VITALS: Visionary Health Leadership in Action Speaker Series Thursday, May 6, Dr. Patel will speak on the growth in technology in health care, including the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in radiology and pathology. 

Dr. Patel remembers what it was like to be a student in the College of Medicine. Prior to his VITALS appearance, the Northeast Ohio Medical University alumnus reflected on a few questions about leadership in the worlds of health care and technology. An excerpt follows:

What did you not know about leadership when you were in school that you wished you had known (and would like to pass along to today’s students)?

I wish that when I was a student someone had given me the knowledge not to worry about being wrong. I think so many of us back then didn't want to be wrong or make a mistake. But in reality, being wrong in the first two years of school does not lead to any patients being injured. Making mistakes or answering questions wrong then will not be remembered, but the lessons will stick and encourage one to do better and achieve more. 

Additionally, I would recommend students to seek out opportunities – going above and beyond what is asked. When students show that initiative, it leads to opportunities, and individuals remember the students who stand out. These students who drive positive interactions with attendings and residents/fellows make connections that lead to robust relationships in the future. In a few years, the people you meet as students will be your colleagues. 

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