AMA Foundation Leadership Program Selects Volha Mazziotto

Congratulations to Volha Mazziotto, a fourth-year College of Medicine student who was one of just 11 students selected nationally to participate in the American Medical Association (AMA) Foundation’s Leadership Development Institute.

“I thought it was an interesting program to explore because leadership skills are so important for a physician and I wanted to refine my leadership skills before starting residency,” Mazziotto said in an email.

“Although physicians spend years acquiring medical knowledge and developing physical examination skills necessary to be a doctor, there are few formal opportunities through which doctors learn fundamental leadership skills. However, being a physician implies leadership. Whether a physician wants to be a leader or not, their role automatically puts them in the position where colleagues and patients view them as a leader.”

The fourth-year student looks forward to the professional development opportunities and mentoring by leading professionals that will be provided via monthly meetings and quarterly webinars scheduled from September until the 2021 AMA Annual Meeting in June 2021.

Mazziotto learned about the opportunity from Anita Pokorny, assistant dean of students for the College of Medicine, who shared information with her class. The application process included essay questions and recommendation letters.

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