Anatomy Academy Set to Start

NEOMED has introduced a new program to promote education in the basic sciences: Anatomy Academy, set to debut in July.

The Anatomy Academy offers a two-week experience for high school and undergraduate students interested in immersing themselves in the life of a medical student. The program is also suitable for health professionals who would like to improve their skillset, including their understanding of human anatomy.

Each morning, students will attend foundational anatomy lectures and participate in small-group discussions, as well as in case-based clinical vignettes that engage them in the core concepts of human anatomy. In afternoon sessions, students will dissect human cadavers; view harvested cadaveric brains, spinal cords and organs of the abdominopelvic cavities; and learn basic suturing (stitching) techniques.

Dana Peterson, Ph.D., a professor of anatomy and neurobiology, will teach all courses throughout the two-week experience, with assistance from second-year College of Medicine students who are interested in becoming educators. Dr. Peterson notes that the opportunity to learn anatomy in a format similar to medical school will provide participants a preview of the content and rigor they will encounter if they pursue a graduate degree in one of the health professions.

Registration is currently open at, where full information on the Anatomy Academy—including scholarships—may be found.

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