Nominate a Colleague for the Whale Award

Nominate a fellow faculty or staff member for the WHALE employee recognition award for the month of August. 

The NEOMED Spirit Committee reviews nominations and awards and one employee or faculty member will win a $25 gift card for exceeding the WHALE expectations.

The purpose of the program is to establish a university-wide recognition program that allows every faculty or staff member the opportunity to recognize another faculty or staff member for exceeding the expectations of one another and our internal and external community.

Nominating a faculty or staff member is easy!

Fill out the WHALE Employee Recognition Form located on the Human Resources page of the NEOMED website and include a specific instance that merits the special recognition.

Reflective of the six C’s of the University’s mission statement and named after the Walking Whale.

  • Willing: Inclined to lend a caring hand with good intentions and without reluctance
  • Helpful: Exercises competence and unselfish treatment to one another
  • Altruistic: Desires to strive for a caring work community
  • Loyal: Thoughtfully demonstrates character, dependability, and curiosity in all actions
  • Enthusiastic: Executing collaboration through spirited and respectful communications
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