#BeCyberSmart: If You Connect It, Protect It

The first week of National Cybersecurity Awareness Month has the theme of "If You Connect It, Protect It." It emphasizes that all internet-connected devices are potentially vulnerable. The line between our online and offline lives can, at times, become indistinguishable. This network of connections creates both opportunities and challenges for both individuals and organizations alike.

Constant connection provides opportunities for innovation and modernization and these opportunities will help us further our mission here at NEOMED; however, constant connection also presents the potential for cybersecurity and privacy threats that can compromise your most important information and systems. This is why we must understand the devices and applications we use every day to help keep each of us and our information safe and secure.

Throughout this week on The Pulse, we will highlight the ways in which internet-connected devices have impacted our lives and will empower each of us to own our roles in security by taking steps to reduce our risks, including the potential and perils of the Internet of Things (IoT), keeping your “smart” homes safe and secure, and things to consider when posting on social media.

Wherever you are on your cybersecurity knowledge journey, thanks for "Doing Your Part" and "Being Cyber Smart."

-Submitted by Jonathan Wagner

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