Bio-Med Science Academy Ranked Among Top Ohio Schools

In its six years of existence, the Bio-Med Science Academy has already accumulated many impressive honors. Most recently, it was announced that the Academy has been ranked among the top high schools in the state of Ohio. The rankings are based on the Performance Index of each school, which is a measure of student scores on a series of tests. In the Ohio Department of Education’s list of the top 100 schools in Ohio, Bio-Med ranks 19th.

This is just the latest in a string of honors for Bio-Med. Earlier this year, the Academy was honored by Gov. John Kasich with the Governor’s School Innovation Award. In 2016, Bio-Med was one of just 19 high schools to receive a perfect report card of all “A’s” by the Department of Education. The Academy has also been recognized by the Department of Education as the state’s top-achieving STEM school and top-achieving high school in Portage County.

“We have an incredibly dedicated team at Bio-Med, who bring tremendous energy that helps each student find their passion and work towards their full potential,” said Stephanie Lammlein, chief administrative officer of Bio-Med.

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