Bio-Med Science Academy Starts Student-Run Newspaper

Bio-Med Science Academy, the STEM+M high school founded in 2012 on the NEOMED campus, has its first newspaper. The new online publication, called The Hive, came to be with the hope that the student body can communicate more, especially between the grade levels – which is part of the reasoning behind the name.

The publication’s goal is to create a focused source of information for the students, so they don’t have to check individual emails for various updates from the school administration—similar to the reason The Pulse  was launched as NEOMED’s online communications channel.

Jenna Bates, a language arts teacher at Bio-Med, is the faculty advisor, but the students have the final say when it comes to decision-making.

Article topics will include anything from features related to NEOMED, to STEM, current politics, student life and community. The student members are organized in terms of their beats (article categories). Whether it be about current school projects, news or politics, the ultimate goal of the student-run newspaper is to bring the students closer together by starting more conversations.

Issues of The Hive can be found at and are updated frequently, so make sure to check it often!

Jacob Rude, a senior at Bio-Med and an intern in the Office of Marketing and Communications, contributed this article.

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