Book on Care for African American Patients Published by NEOMED Professor

Congratulations to Gregory Hall, M.D., a NEOMED associate professor of internal medicine and integrative medical sciences, whose book on the important differences which need to be considered when delivering clinical care to African Americans was recently published by Springer Publishing Company.

“African Americans suffer from the worst medical care in America and drive a significant amount of poorly utilized medical dollars in the form of increased hospital length-of-stay, high readmission rate, and poor follow-up and medication compliance.  Providers, particularly newer providers, can begin to make a difference by having a resource that reviews these research-confirmed important differences,” says Dr. Hall.

In his book, Dr. Hall explains that special factors to consider for this population include cancer prevention screening, hypertension treatment and attention to diseases that are prevalent among African Americans.

Dr. Hall will be on-campus to discuss his book on April 21 from 6-8 p.m. in the NEW Center Ballroom. Mark your calendar and keep an eye on The Pulse for more information about this event.  

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