Bring Your Child to Work Day

If you’ve never seen your child eat a cheese puff ball and then blow smoke out their nose, well, you’ve never done Take Your Child to Work Day at NEOMED.

That demonstration was the fun way that Integrative Medical Sciences staff members Nicole Smallwood, senior laboratory coordinator, and Shannon Boehme, laboratory manager, got the attention of young visitors on Thursday, April 26. Through their presentation of edible experiments, the two also demonstrated scientific principles and let the visitors see female scientists in action.  

Not bad for a day that also included a chance to pose in front of a green screen in the Aneal Mohan Kohli Media Production Studio and to learn basic principles of compounding (mixing) medications--using Smarties candy—and then filling prescriptions—using Skittles candy—at Ritzman Pharmacy.

More than 30 employees and more than 40 children participated this year in the event for kids aged 5-18. The Human Resources Department planned the day to also include time to run around the gym (Sequoia Wellness Center, that is); to paint; to visit their parents in their work areas; to watch The Emoji Movie; and to participate in a safety demonstration by NEOMED Police Department.

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