Campus Wireless Update

Good morning everyone:

As was announced in The Pulse, the IT Department completed the replacement of the NEOMED wireless solution in mid-August.

Since that time, we have been monitoring & tuning the wireless network for performance. We have discovered during this period of time a number of individuals, primarily through the use of laptop devices, have experienced problems with connectivity to the wireless network. We had originally believed that these issues might have been the result of the use of laptops that were aged beyond the manufacturer’s ability to update drivers and beyond the ability to connect to an advanced wireless network (802.11ac or 802.11ax).

We have been working behind the scenes diligently to remedy the problems that some of our users have been experiencing. As a course of this action, we have asked the manufacturer (HP) along with our integration partner to be on site the week of Sept. 16 to provide a resolution to the problems that some of you have been experiencing. They will be on-site until the problems have been resolved. Thank you for your patience and consideration regarding this matter. If you continue to experience problems, it would be helpful to contact the help desk so that we can address your issue while we have an escalated presence on site.

Please direct any questions regarding this announcement to the Help Desk.

NEOMED Information Technology

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