Deadline Extended: Chance to Win Vacation Day Offered for Campus Climate Survey, Due Nov. 30

Dignity, respect, courtesy. All of these topics and more are covered in a Campus Climate survey that is designed to learn how members of the University community perceive the current state of diversity and inclusion at NEOMED.

All faculty and staff members are invited to give your opinion and get a chance to win an extra day of vacation. To ensure that answers are anonymous, the Kent State University Institutional Research Office has been asked to administer the survey. Results will be reported only in an aggregate format and will NOT be linked to individual responses.

Check your email for a message from Kent State via Carolyn Lanier, with a subject line that reads “NEOMED Diversity Council Wants Your Input.’’ When you open the email, you’ll see a link to the survey. If you want to enter the raffle to win an additional vacation day, fill out the separate raffle entry form on the ‘’completion’’ page of the survey. Completing the survey should take no more than 20 minutes, and you don’t have to do it all in one sitting.

Remember, your answers are confidential, and they are needed by Nov. 30.

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