Class of 2020 Council Representatives Announced

Congratulations to our recently elected first year student representatives elected to the Student Curriculum Council (SCC), NEOMED Student Council (NSC), and the Student Conduct Council. These students will represent their respective colleges in decision-making that impacts the curriculum, student issues and student organizations, as well as student professional conduct issues. Please join me in congratulating these new offers who begin their duties this November through May 31, 2017.

Class of 2020 College of Pharmacy

  • NSC Reps: Anthony Pesce and Daniel Sevarns
  • Conduct Reps: Anthony Rimpf and Rachel Johnson
  • SCC Reps: Jayme Jones and Leah Bruno

Class of 2020 College of Medicine

  • NSC Reps: Robert Link and Thomas Weiner
  • Conduct Reps: Rohith Raghavendran and Sindhura Vallabhaneni
  • SCC DE Rep: Andrew Ford
  • SCC PATHWAYS Rep: Joshua Coleman

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