College of Medicine Bestows Honors

Graduating students, along with faculty and staff who have made a significant difference in the students’ four years at Northeast Ohio Medical University, were honored on May 19 at the annual College of Medicine awards ceremony. 

The awards recognize students, faculty and staff from a range of medical departments, as well as in the areas of leadership, research, diversity, and service.

From the Gonfalonian, which recognizes the graduate with the highest GPA in the College of Medicine, to the Leonard Tow Humanism in Medicine or Ideal Physician awards, these coveted honors recognize excellence. Congratulations to all recipients!

College of Medicine Gonfalonian
Desimir Mijatovic, M.D.

Commencement Day Hooders
Thomas S. Boniface, M.D., Paul Lecat, M.D., Starla Martinez, M.D., Rama Narayanan, M.D., Deborah Plate, M.D., Daniel Ricchiuti, M.D., Daniel A. Wasdahl, M.D., Lisa Weiss, M.D.

Outstanding Service Award
Paul Lecat, M.D., Anita Pokorny, M.Ed.

Faculty Award for Social Justice
Julie Aultman, M.D.

Staff Award for Social Justice
Jan Divoky

Excellence in Emergency Medicine Award
Joseph Sikon, M.D.

Excellence in Family Medicine Award
Kai Chen, M.D.

Excellence in Internal Medicine Award
David Bartlett, M.D.

Excellence in Obstetrics/Gynecology Award
David Bartlett, M.D.

Excellence in Microbiology, Immunology and Infectious Disease Award
Ethan Scott, M.D.

Excellence in Pediatrics Award
Ethan Scott, M.D.

Excellence in Psychiatry Award
Rosemary Szparagowski, M.D.

Excellence in Surgery Award
Maria Cohen, M.D.

Diversity Leader Award
Elizabeth Looney, M.D.

Leonard Tow Humanism in Medicine Award
Anthony Dao, M.D.

Excellence in Public Health Award
Rosemary Szparagowski, M.D.

William H. Falor Research Award
Travis Larsh, M.D., and Suzanna Logan M.D.

Ideal Physician Award 
Stephen Campbell, M.D., Maria Cohen, M.D., Patrick Kane, M.D., and Elizabeth Looney, M.D.

Matthew Allen Lewis Award for Outstanding Patient Care and Mastery of Science of Medicine
Ajleeta Sangtani, M.D.

Outstanding Achievement Award
Patrick Kane, M.D.

Service to Class Award
Douglas Snyder, M.D.

Service to Community Award
Dena Steiner, M.D.

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