College of Medicine Class of 2024 Celebrates White Coat Ceremony

In keeping with the continuing COVID-19 pandemic, this year’s College of Medicine White Coat Ceremony was different from any before it. The NEOMED College of Medicine Class of 2024 donned their white coats for the first time, as is traditional for students starting medical school across the country – but this year, it was all done in a virtual setting.  

President Langell welcomed students and other viewers watching remotely.

“We are so happy to welcome you to the NEOMED community,” said Dr. Langell. “The road will be difficult at times, but you will have an entire community at your back, led by a tremendous faculty and staff who are dedicated to providing you with an exceptional student experience.”

College of Medicine Dean Elisabeth H. Young, M.D. (’85) praised the faculty and staff who will be working closely with the incoming class, and who recently created an updated curriculum. She then announced that the Dean’s Leadership Award would be shared this year by the entire College of Medicine’s faculty, staff and students to recognize a year of teamwork and resolve that was unprecedented and much needed during the COVID-19 pandemic.

To reflect this, four keynote address speakers – Joann Hayes representing staff; June Yun, Ph.D., representing faculty; fourth-year medicine student Carmen Javier representing students; and Douglas Moses, M.D. (’95), representing administrators – each addressed the audience.

It was then time for the big moment when the College of Medicine Class of 2024 would don their white coats for the first time. One by one, each student appeared on screen, announced their name and hometown and put on the  jacket, sometimes with the help of a loved one. Each student’s face lit up with pride, and  excited cheers could often be heard coming from off-screen over Zoom.

The event concluded with Eugene Mowad, M.D., along with second-year coaters Rachel Krevh, Sanjay Jinka, Matt Kubina, Ali Syed, Ali Arif and Negin Khosravi reading the Oath of Professional Commitment. Dr. Mowad shared some final words of wisdom, as the students celebrated with an eye on what is to come next.  

“Listen well, understand your patient as a person not a disease, and be mindful of each patient’s dignity and privacy while acknowledging their fears and their aspirations,” Dr. Mowad concluded.

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