College of Pharmacy establishes an Office of Student Success

The College of Pharmacy is pleased to announce the establishment of an Office of Student Success. Developed to enhance the University’s central student services by providing collegiate-level leadership, direction and guidance, the office will foster the professional and personal development of its student pharmacists.

The Office of Student Success will work with the University’s central services to amplify professional development activities that span from pre-matriculation to early alumni years. Specifically, the office will assist with pipeline programs and optimizing relationships with high school and undergraduate partner institutions to grow the College’s applicant pool, instill professional development skills in student pharmacists through co-curricular and curricular activities, and assist pharmacy graduates in their transition into early alumni years including residency training.

Timothy Ulbrich, Pharm.D., associate dean of student success, director of pharmacy residency education and associate professor of pharmacy practice, will lead the office. Dr. Ulbrich has been with the College since 2009 and previously served as associate dean for workforce development and practice advancement. Components of the workforce development and practice advancement position have been incorporated into his new role for student success.

Fady Abdlrasul, Pharm.D., (’14), has accepted the appointment of director of pipeline programs within the Office of Student Success. Dr. Abdlrasul joined the College in 2017 as an assistant professor in pharmacy practice and took over the facilitation of the Pathways to Pharmacy pipeline program, which is designed to orient prospective students to the profession of pharmacy. In addition to fulfilling his on-campus teaching responsibilities, Dr. Abdlrasul practices with Ritzman Pharmacies.

Stacey Schneider, Pharm.D., has accepted the appointment of director of student development within the Office of Student Success. Dr. Schneider has been with the College since 2009 as an associate professor of pharmacy practice and has worked extensively in collaborating with the Office of Student Affairs in administering the Professional Development Advising Team (PDAT) program. Furthermore, Dr. Schneider has been leading the College’s efforts in developing co-curricular activities to meet the accreditation standards set forth by the Accreditation Council for Pharmacy Education (ACPE).

Patti Pfeifer, program coordinator, will provide administrative support for this office. Patti has been with the College since 2011 during which time she assisted the Office of Experiential Education and the Department of Pharmacy Practice.

We are very excited about this new office within the College of Pharmacy and the educational continuum that it brings to our students.

Richard Kasmer, Pharm.D., J.D.
Dean, College of Pharmacy
Vice President, Academic Affairs

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