College of Pharmacy Honors Graduates, Faculty and Staff

The College of Pharmacy kicked off its Commencement weekend festivities with its annual Dean’s Reception Friday, May, 20. Held at Quaker Square on The University of Akron campus, the College of Pharmacy event honored several of its graduates, faculty and staff on the eve of NEOMED’s Commencement at E.J. Thomas Hall.

Congratulations to all of the honorees! 

APhA-ASP Senior Recognition Award     
Dana Bachmann, Pharm.D.

Bowl of Hygeia Award  
Danielle Beltz, Pharm.D.

Commitment to Service
Megan Foreman, Pharm.D.

Community Pharmacy Practice Award  
Michael Shelley, Pharm.D.

Council of Ohio Colleges of Pharmacy Leadership Award              
Brittany Harbert, Pharm.D.

Lilly Achievement Award            
Brittany Snyder, Pharm.D.

Evidence-Based Medicine Approach to Patient Care       
(Frances) Shuk Kwan Fu, Pharm.D.

Health System Practice Award  
Danielle Beltz, Pharm.D.

Mylan Excellence in Pharmacy Award   
Jiejin Zhang, Pharm.D.

Ohio Pharmacists Association Student Leadership Award            
Dana Bachmann, Pharm.D.

Outstanding Researcher Award
Tori Czech, Pharm.D.

Pharmacy Diversity Award
Deborah Walker, Pharm.D.

Student Marshal (Gonfolanian)
Jiejin Zhang, Pharm.D.

Teva Excellence in Clinical Communication and Patient Care Award        
Melody Smith, Pharm.D.

United States Public Health Award
Maria Kiraly, Pharm.D.


Excellence in Role Modeling of Interprofessional Collaboration and Education for Patient-Centered Care Award               
Christopher Shelby, Pharm.D.

Most Influential Professor/Faculty         
Timothy Ulbrich, Pharm.D.

P4 Core Faculty Preceptor of the Year   
Chrisovalantis Paxos, Pharm.D.

P4 Voluntary Faculty Preceptor of the Year        
Dawn Miller, Pharm.D.

Commencement Hooders           

Timothy Ulbrich, Pharm.D., Pharmacy Practice

Altaf Darvesh, Ph.D., Pharmaceutical Sciences

Jaclyn Boyle, Pharm.D., (’12) Core or Voluntary Faculty

Dale English, Pharm.D., Core or Voluntary Faculty

Liz Fredrickson, Pharm.D., (’14) Voluntary Faculty

Dawn Miller, Pharm.D., Pharmacy Practice

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