Communicating Through Face Coverings

Face coverings keep us safe but present a barrier to communication.

Merri Rosen, Ph.D., director of NEOMED’s Hearing Research Group, recently told Jeff St. Clair of WKSU, "The loss of smiles is not a minor loss, it's actually a very substantial loss."

On the same show, Julia Jones Huyck, director of the speech pathology and audiology program at Kent State University, offered six tips for effective face covering communication:

  • Maintain eye contact. (Really look at people when you talk to them.)
  • Signal your intentions. (Get someone’s attention by saying their name or gesturing to them.)
  • Don’t yell. (It's a form of speech distortion.)
  • Try to avoid noisy environments.
  • Practice communication repairs. (Rephrase what you said when something was missed, and if you’re the one who missed the information, be really specific about what was missed.)
  • Most of all, be patient with each other.

Read or listen to Dr. Rosen and Jeff St. Clair’s conversation on WKSU.

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