Congratulations to newly elected student representatives

Spring council elections are complete and the following students have been elected to serve as student representatives for the upcoming academic year.

NEOMED Student Council (NSC)

  • COM Class of 2022: Matt Hom and Whitney Stolnicki
  • COP Class of 2022: Jason Pol and Virginia San Juan
  • COGS: Katie Bretland
  • NSC Rising M4: Adnan Raslan

Student Curriculum Council (SCC)

  • COM Class of 2022: Troy Kotsch and Neya Sterling
  • COP Class of 2022: Aimee Kearns and Mohenad Rasoul

Student Conduct Council

  • COM Class of 2022: Aviva Aguilar and Daniel Morcos
  • COP Class of 2022: Gretchen Conibear and Tamer Ilayyan
  • COGS: Cody Juguilon

Diversity Council

  • COM Class of 2022: Anibelky Almanzar and Christina Rizkala
  • COP Class of 2022: Mairim Avila and Ikenna (John) Ogwuegbu
  • COGS: Molly Bannan

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-Submitted by Harmony Stanger

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