Congratulations to the Recent Ph.D.s!

This summer, doctoral degrees were awarded to several candidates who successfully defended their dissertations resulting from research conducted at Northeast Ohio Medical University with NEOMED faculty mentors as part of the cooperative Kent State University/NEOMED Biomedical Sciences program.

Congratulations to these four outstanding candidates who each successfully defended dissertations in hearing research, under the guidance of advisors in the Hearing Research group.

You can read more about their research in their individual website stories, below.

Jennifer Gay, Ph.D.

Working with advisor Merri J. Rosen, Ph.D., director of the Hearing Research group, Dr. Gay defended a dissertation titled “Prolonged Development of Temporal Processing in Adolescence.”

Zahra Ghasemahmad, Ph.D.

Working with Jeffrey Wenstrup, Ph.D., of the Hearing Research group, Dr. Ghasemahmad wrote the dissertation “Behavioral and Neuromodulatory Responses to Emotional Vocalizations in Mice.”

Inga Kristoponyte, Ph.D.

Working with advisor Alexander Galazyuk, Ph.D., of the Hearing Research group, Dr. Kristaponyte (pronounced Krish-tuh-paw-NEE-teh) wrote a dissertation titled “Group II Metabotropic Glutamate Receptors Modulate Sound Evoked and Spontaneous Activity in the Mouse Inferior Colliculus.”

Will Noftz, Ph.D.

Working with advisor Brett Schofield, Ph.D., a professor of anatomy and neurobiology at Northeast Ohio Medical University as well as a founding member of its Hearing Research group, Dr. Noftz wrote the dissertation “Cholinergic projections to the inferior collicus.”

Photo L to R: Inga Kristoponyte, Will Noftz, Zahra Ghasemahmad

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