Construction Update: What's Happening to the Trees?

As NEOMED continues to grow, more construction is needed to build the new medial office building, as well as many other recent additions such as The Village, the RGE Building and the NEW Center.

Throughout construction of these new areas, Campus Operations is committed to preserving the trees in the impacted areas. This is why we have put a plan in place to relocate the trees so that they may be preserved and placed in a new area where they may thrive.

A total of 17 trees have been transplanted in response to the construction of the medical office building. This includes a total of nine Hawthorn trees, with six being moved near the retention pond and three being placed behind the Book Depository. Five maple trees were relocated near The Village, while two frontier elms were moved nearby, and will now grow in front of Building Two of The Village. An additional Sargent crabapple tree was also moved near the retention pond towards the back of campus.

Please know that we will continue to make every effort to relocate each tree as necessary during construction and provide details as more become available.

-Submitted by Dale Hluch

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