Coping with COVID — Finding a Routine

A discussion at NEOMED’s Mental Health Committee meeting led to this reflection by first-year College of Medicine student Jad Saleh. Students are welcome to attend the meetings and can make arrangements with the committee’s chair, Russell Spieth, Ph.D.,

I think a major part of my day-to-day school life was the library and how it forced me into having a routine. It allowed me to separate my schoolwork from the rest of my life and devote time to focusing solely on it. Without it, I’ve been having a difficult time staying consistently concentrated.

To deal with that, I’ve had to delegate a study space for myself to replicate that library association in my head. I’ve also been trying to keep a (flexible) routine each day. I like to look over what I have tomorrow before bed and bring up any relevant links, so that in the morning (usually the afternoon, honestly) I can sit down and get to work first thing.

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