Counting on NEOMED

Rey Notareschi, who heads academic technology services at NEOMED, feels deep loyalty to NEOMED.

It’s not only that he has worked for the University for 20 years. A huge part of Rey’s loyalty results from the great care he’s always received from someone affiliated with NEOMED. In fact, every single one of his physicians has been a NEOMED graduate or one of the more than 2,300 health care providers on NEOMED’s clinical faculty.

Rey’s local pharmacist is also a graduate of NEOMED.  When Rey’s children were young, the family’s babysitter was a kid who later graduated from NEOMED.  And when Rey’s son, Vince, graduates from NEOMED in May with a Pharm.D., he plans to work in Northeast Ohio as a clinical pharmacist.

So, we started to wonder: How many other Reys are out there, among our faculty, staff and students, who rely on NEOMED health care providers?

Is your primary care physician a NEOMED grad? How about the pharmacist where you have prescriptions filled, or the orthopaedic surgeon who fixed your child’s broken arm?

We want to hear from you. If you are being cared for by a NEOMED health care professional, please click here to answer a few questions about your experience.  

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