Cx5 High Content Screener Donated

The Timken Foundation of Canton donated a CellInsight CX5 High-Content Screener (HCS) that NEOMED researchers can use to increase the scale and capacity of research. Located in C-121, the scanner offers researchers an accurate method for obtaining high-resolution images and quantifying molecular and cellular content in real time. Researchers can customize a protocol by manipulating multiple variables that can be tweaked to identify and validate the specific focus of analysis. Florescent tags can be applied to quantify proteins, enzymes, and biomolecules and the intensity and precision of sample resolutions can be adjusted to reduce background interference and target the focus of study. Analysis can also be at a cellular level or on biomolecular mechanisms of action, viewing sensitivity and resolution can be optimized through a selection of removable lenses, and results can be displayed as images or numerical data. Researchers can also save their protocols and results in password-protected accounts housed on the CX5’s PC. More information on capabilities of the CX5 are available online.

A one-hour training video and written procedures are available to guide you through the equipment’s operation. Please contact Marilyn Baade ( in the REDIzone corridor (D-152) to access the video, schedule use of the equipment, and generate a user ID and account.

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