December Student Support Spotlight Winners: Learning Center

NEOMED cares about students. To give thanks to the offices that keep STUDENTS at the center of their work through outstanding services and support, Student Services has created the monthly Student Support Spotlight.

With nominations from students, Student Services will choose one office per month who is deserving of this honor. There is a traveling trophy that will be displayed in the workplace of the winner for the month in which that team has been selected. We want to take the time to showcase the teams on campus who truly keep students at the center of their work.

This campus team positively impacts all NEOMED students each day, subsidizing the work that is done in the classroom and helping each individual achieve success. For these reasons and so many more, the December Student Support Spotlight is awarded to the Learning Center, Craig Theissen, Heidi Der, Dyann Whaley, and Jessica Sharp.

Student Nominations Read:

“The Learning Center has been incredibly helpful in providing resources, tutors, and advising sessions to help refine our study habits. Given all the novel challenges of distanced learning and to many, a new curriculum, the LC team has been a source of comfort in helping the students adjust.”

“They are tirelessly helping students succeed in their learning, the very reason we are here.”

“It is obvious that students are the Learning Center's first priority. Medical school is challenging, especially during these unprecedented times, but the support from the Learning Center has not faltered. I am grateful to have this office as a definitive resource of service and encouragement to guide me.”

“Craig Thiessen has been great helping me prepare a plan for step and to be successful for M2. His leadership is to be commended.”

-Submitted by Ashley King

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