Delivery and Receipt of University Packages

In recent days, Campus Operations has experienced issues with package delivery and receipt to the appropriate designated locations, likely due to the construction on campus. This has resulted in packages being signed for and received by personnel other than Campus Operations staff. While this may seem helpful, it actually creates problems for Campus Operations and the University constituents. We want to remind everyone that all University related deliveries to the 4209 SR 44 address, unless otherwise approved (i.e. deliveries of food stuffs to Conference Services), must be processed at the Shipping and Receiving dock in Campus Operations.

It is extremely important that this occur for the following reasons:

  • Campus Operations staff are appropriately trained to receive packages of all types.
  • Scientific materials, including hazardous materials package receipt, have specific procedures attached to that receipt. Others receiving these packages may violate our licensures.
  • All packages delivered to the dock are scanned and processed for auditing purposes.

Packages for the NEW Center and its external clients should be addressed to the 4211 SR 44 address. These packages should be delivered, received and signed for by those respective clients.

Any questions regarding the delivery of University-related packages may be addressed to the following Campus Operations personnel.

Jerry Bergstrom, supervisor, or ext. 6196

Ruby Pahls, or ext. 6208

Dori Parker, or ext. 6211

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