Destress Fest: People, Places and Things!

Dear Students:

The Center for Student Wellness and Counseling Services (CSWCS) would like to acknowledge that while it deeply saddens us not to be able celebrate and participate in Destress Fest in-person, we are pleased to provide you with online activities and resources for reducing stress.

Our time during this Stay At Home order, has brought our attention to the vast amount of amazing people, artists, cultural experiences, creativity, adventures, and beautiful locations throughout the world that are available to us through the web.

Taking time in your day to expose yourself to these experiences can enrich your life and grow your mental and emotional health and well-being. Check out our categories, People, Places, and Things!, in The Whale Watch newsletter below.

We invite you to try something new each day! Share a link you have found or provide us a pic of what you have been up to; whether it's from one of the links above or one of your own!

Email CSWCS and we will post it Friday, May 8.

Please see the Whale Watch student newsletter below for more from our staff on our virtual Destress Fest.

Dr. Jennifer Dougall, Director
Dr. Tiffany Thomas-Lakia, Staff Psychiatrist
Stephanie Orwick, Assistant Director
Jessica Lansinger, Staff Counselor
Dana Whittlesey, Program Coordinator


-Submitted by Dana Whittlesey

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