Drs. Elbert and Martha Magoon Leadership Award: Jamie Pandey

The 2020 recipient of the Drs. Elbert and Martha Magoon Leadership Award is Jamie Pandey. Jamie is a soon to be second-year College of Medicine student who entered medical school with a Masters in Public Health (with a focus on Health Services Management).

She has demonstrated a high degree of professionalism during her first year of medical school and has had a very successful first year. During her first year of medical school she served as an informal tutor for anatomy and histology.

Jamie has a deep commitment to social equity and reverence for all human beings.

She lives in a rural area of Ohio with less than 5,000 people. She has noticed health care gaps in this community with the closing of several nursing homes and a number of uninsured individuals. Jamie is committed to improving health care in underserved communities. She has been a frequent volunteer at the SOAR Student Run Free Clinic and is a member of the Rural Medical Education (RMED) Pathway.

This award will help Jamie to develop her leadership skills and we are certain she will be a wonderful physician with a deep commitment to improving the lives of others.

-Submitted by Michael J. Appleman, M.A. Ed. 

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