Electrical Load Reduction Test Today

NEOMED Community,

Today, June 25, from 2-3 p.m., the NEOMED campus will participate in a scheduled electrical load reduction test. The load reduction test is part of a “Demand Response Program” designed to avoid potential blackouts and brownouts on the power grid. NEOMED’s participation allows for a certain amount of electrical power to be “available” for another area of the grid that requires more power to avoid voltage fluctuations, brownouts, and/or blackouts. There will be other scheduled tests this summer as well.                                                                       

If you are on campus during this time, please keep your windows shut and turn off as many lights as possible in your area. If you can power down your computer, it would be appreciated.                   

Campus Operations, along with Signet, will turn off our air handlers, chillers, and pumps during this time-period as electrical motors draw the most current and produce the largest savings when de-energized.               

All chillers, air handlers, and pumps will be returned to normal by 3:15 p.m..

Thank you for your cooperation.

Dale Hluch
Director, Campus Operations

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