Emergency Sick Leave Donation

We are fortunate at NEOMED to work with a caring and generous group of colleagues. In response to a request for ways in which employees can support one another during this difficult time, HR would like to provide the below reminder information about our Emergency Sick Leave Donation Policy.

Scope: Applies to faculty, administrative staff, unclassified hourly employees and classified civil service employees. The policy does not apply to student employees.

Donor: Employees must be in active status, have five years of service and retain a minimum of 480 hours of paid sick leave for their own use; maximum donation per employee per year is 120 hours

Recipients: Employees must have one year of service and have exhausted all sick leave, vacation leave and compensatory time before applying. Employee must have an illness or injury that will require the employee to be absent from the worksite for a period of time exceeding 80 consecutive scheduled work hours and their absence will result in the loss of income due to the lack of accrued sick leave, vacation leave and compensatory time. The lifetime maximum is 500 paid hours.

For more details, please contact Human Resources at HROffice@neomed.edu.

-Submitted by Charity Davis

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