Empowering the Female Pharmacist

One of NEOMED’s own is empowering women in pharmacy, one blog at a time. Jaclyn Boyle, Pharm.D., (’12) assistant professor of pharmacy, recently introduced The Pharmacy Girl to guide and encourage women in pharmacy. From professional and industry tips to everyday life and fitness advice, Dr. Boyle is creating an online community for women seeking fellowship, professional development and discussion related to being a woman in pharmacy.

The Pharmacy Girl came about after Dr. Boyle attended an American Society of Health-System Pharmacists meeting and served on its Women in Pharmacy Leadership Steering Committee in 2015.  While the name may sound like a reference to superheroes, Dr. Boyle wanted to address everyday issues. She explains, “It was clear that many workplace issues and challenges that are faced are not always gender-specific and are often multifactorial. It wasn’t clear, however, that there is a well-defined path to advancing women in leadership within the profession of pharmacy.” Dr. Boyle hopes to help women pave their own way.


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