End of Year Thank You to WHALE Award Winners

The Human Resources Department would like to congratulate this year's winners of the WHALE recognition award. The purpose of the WHALE program has been to establish a university-wide recognition program that allows every faculty or staff member the opportunity to recognize another faculty or staff member for exceeding the expectations of one another and our customers.

The 2016 winners have demonstrated the six C’s of the University’s mission statement.

  • Willing: Inclined to lend a caring hand with good intentions and without reluctance
  • Helpful: Exercises competence and unselfish treatment to one another
  • Altruistic: Desires to strive for a caring work community
  • Loyal: Thoughtfully demonstrates character, dependability, and curiosity in all actions
  • Enthusiastic: Executing collaboration through spirited and respectful communications

Thank you again for your dedication and commitment to excellence!

  • January winner: Janel Koellner
  • February winner: Robert Larson
  • March winner: Charles Cera
  • June Winner: Lisa Morris
  • July winner: Beth Bruening
  • August Winner: Shari Snyder Pollack
  • September winner: David Huskins
  • October winner: Chris Bodendorfer
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