Establishing Routine

Dear Students:

When life has been turned upside down; for example, living and studying through a pandemic, tornadic activity, snow in April, etc..…. It is really important to carve out some time to establish a routine for yourself.

You may not have realized that you had a daily routine prior to the changes that came with COVID-19 restrictions, but likely that pre-existing routine changed in subtle ways without you even realizing it.

A routine can help you to feel like you are standing on a solid foundation rather than feeling the pressure to suddenly react to life’s stressors like a boat adrift in angry sea.

Please see the attached Whale Watch student newsletter below for more information on how to create a good routine and reap the benefits. Please visit our Center for Student Wellness and Counseling Services (CSWCS) website for more resources and information from our staff.


Dr. Jennifer Dougall, Director
Dr. Tiffany Thomas-Lakia, Staff Psychiatrist
Stephanie Orwick, Assistant Director
Jessica Lansinger, Staff Counselor
Dana Whittlesey, Program Coordinator

-Submitted by Dana Whittlesey

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