Expectations for Student Participation in Curricular Requirements

NEOMED Students:

Our primary goal is to ensure your health during this unprecedented national crisis. NEOMED’s faculty, staff and administration are working very hard to continue to deliver your curriculum so that you can make timely progression in your academic program. But we need your help to meet these goals.

Faculty, staff and administration are actively creating virtual delivery options for your education, support needs, and clinical experiences, and are working around the clock to ensure your progression. Given the COVID-19 crisis is continually evolving, we are doing our best to adjust our delivery methods and respond to your needs.

We want to remind you that NEOMED remains open and all of its academic programs are still in place. And while much of it is being delivered virtually, the testing, small group work, and simulation components are still being provided on-site/in-person. Therefore, students are still expected to participate fully in all curricular, testing and assessment requirements.  Please read and follow the detailed email instructions from your specific College.

If you independently decide to travel away from the campus, you may compromise your ability to meet these curricular and testing requirements. If you choose to leave the NEOMED area, and your destination or NEOMED introduces quarantine requirements, we cannot guarantee that you can fulfill your curricular requirements.

In addition to reminding you that all programs are still actively in session, albeit electronically, we also want to remind you that support services continue to be available to you, many by way of Zoom meetings, email communication, or via electronic methods. A list of support services and links is provided below:

If you have questions about the current NEOMED Continuity Plan or the College’s specific instructions, please first access the Continuity Website, review your emails from the Colleges or contact the following individuals from each of the Colleges:

Dr. Christian Ritter, College of Graduate Studies – jritter@neomed.edu

Dr. Douglas Moses, College of Medicine – dmoses@neomed.edu

Dr. Seth Brownlee, College of Pharmacy – sbrownlee@neomed.edu

Your health and wellness are very important to us.  Please abide by CDC recommendations for the health and safety of you, your family and your colleagues.


John T. Langell

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