Five weeks left to Enroll or Waive in the NEOMED Medical Insurance

Don’t forget to decide if you want the Medical Insurance for 2021/22. The Insurance open enrollment period is March 10-May 10, 2021 for the policy which is active July 1, 2021-June 30, 2022. The portal is now open. All current M1s and P1s are included in the open enrollment as rising M2s and P2s.

All COM and COP students who do not successfully waive (opt out) will automatically be enrolled in and billed for the NEOMED medical insurance plan for the full year. COGS students will not be automatically enrolled but have the option of enrolling in the insurance if they want it. Once the open enrollment period has closed, you will not be able to change your choice. The only changes that will be made to the enrollment list after the portal closes on May 10 and the list has been finalized will be adding students due to a qualifying event such as turning 26.

For more information on the medical insurance offered including: plan highlights and summaries, insurance FAQs, glossary of insurance terms and video tutorial, visit the Medical Insurance page on the NEOMED website, or the AIMS Credentialing page.

Waivers to Medical Health Insurance:
Waivers can only be approved by our insurance broker via their online portal. Students who have medical insurance through their own carrier and do not wish to participate in the NEOMED coverage will need to provide proof of coverage to the servicing broker and receive confirmation of a waiver to opt out of the NEOMED insurance plan. In addition, the option to waive the coverage is available only if your current coverage meets the following conditions:

  • Must be active within 100 miles of NEOMED campus and must include wellness, Rx(prescriptions), and urgent care. Emergency/accident-only plans do not satisfy this requirement.
  • Must be U.S. based insurance plan and must be compliant with the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act.
  • Medicaid-Based plans must be based in Ohio. Non-Ohio Medicaid plans are not acceptable.
  • Must be in effect for the entire academic year. Short-term, or trip insurance will not be accepted.

To apply for a waiver between March 10-May 10, please visit: Haylor, Freyer and Coon. Use your Banner ID (@000…) to sign into the portal. If you don’t use the entire ID # including the @, the website will say that you are not on the list.

  • No exceptions to the coverage conditions listed above will be made and NEOMED will not overturn a decision of our broker.
  • As a COM or COP student, if you do nothing, you will automatically be enrolled in the NEOMED medical insurance and the insurance charges will be added to your account.
  • COGS students who want insurance coverage must actively enroll.
  • There will be no extensions for this enrollment/waiver time period.

Optional Dental, Vision Insurance: Students can choose to sign up for optional dental, vision insurance on the Haylor, Freyer and Coon website.

-Submitted by Monica Lenox

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