Foundation Board Student Invitees Selected

Congratulations to third-year College of Pharmacy student Kaile Benner and second-year College of Medicine student Bryson Cook on being selected to serve on the Foundation Board as Student Invitees!

Student Invitees of the NEOMED Foundation Board will provide a very important service to the student bodies they represent. Student Invitees will attend the quarterly NEOMED Foundation Board meetings and serve in the following ways:

• They will be liaisons between the NEOMED Foundation Board and their respective college student bodies, with the requirement of reporting significant fundraising statistics and news at their class meetings.
• They will work with NEOMED Student Council to include their informational fundraising report in the NSC newsletter at least twice during their terms.
• They will be asked to provide NEOMED Foundation Board Directors with informal input before, during or after the board meetings, when Directors have questions about what students may think about particular issues.
• They will be asked to participate in group discussions with NEOMED Foundation Board Directors at board meetings.
• They may be asked to work with the Division of Advancement on surveying current students on pertinent fundraising issues.
• They will be asked to attend at least one fundraising event or meeting with existing or potential donors to share their stories and encourage people to support the NEOMED Foundation.

Although these are non-voting positions, Student Invitees will be informed about major long-term funding issues which affect their student experience and the experiences of future NEOMED classes.

Questions, please contact Michael Wolff at


-Submitted by Harmony Stanger

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