Free Campus-Wide COVID-19 Testing Program

Dear NEOMED Community:
In keeping with the guidance given by the Ohio Governor’s office and the Department of Health, we have initiated a free campus-wide COVID-19 testing program. In the coming weeks, as soon as testing supplies become available, members of the NEOMED community will be randomly selected for antigen testing and are expected to participate in these efforts to keep our campus safe. Given that selection for testing is random, you may be selected more than once for a testing appointment. If you have been selected for testing, you will be notified via email 7-10 days in advance of the week you are to be tested and will be sent a link to schedule your appointment.
Appointments may be scheduled for Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Testing will occur via the drive-through window at the Rootstown Community Pharmacy. Tests will be self-administered nasal swabs.  Results will be made available in 15 minutes and you will be called soon thereafter at the phone number you provided when you scheduled your appointment. If you do not attend your testing appointment, please be aware that you will be rescheduled to appear during a subsequent week. 

How does antigen testing differ from molecular tests (also called PCR tests)?

Similar to a pregnancy test or a rapid strep test, results are available in minutes. The test identifies protein fragments (antigens) from the virus instead of genetic material like PCR tests. Because antigen testing is quicker, less expensive, and requires less complex technology to perform than PCR tests, repeated antigen testing is recommended as a reasonable strategy. 

Reporting of results

If you test positive, you must report that result to
Please note that negative antigen test results do not necessarily mean that you do not have COVID. If you are experiencing symptoms or have recently been exposed to an individual with COVID, this information should also be reported to so appropriate guidance can be provided.
If you have tested positive for COVID in the past 90 days, you may be exempt from participating in this testing. You should reach out to to inform the COVID Response Team that you have received this email and you will be given instructions on how to proceed.
In addition to this random testing program, NEOMED will be offering free home COVID test kits for anyone desiring COVID testing. These test kits may be obtained via the Rootstown Community Pharmacy drive-through during regular business hours and are available now. While you are welcome to home test kits, please be aware that such use does not excuse you from participating in the random testing program.
We are pleased to have the opportunity to launch this testing program as another tool to keep our NEOMED community safe and healthy!
If you have any questions, please direct them to
John T. Langell
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