From Students to Student Physicians

To cap off the conclusion of their second year of medical school and the two-week-long M3 Prerequisite to the Clinical Curriculum training (AKA boot camp), third-year College of Medicine students gathered on Friday, July 26, for the Class of 2021 Student Clinician’s Ceremony.

Austin Fredrickson, M.D. (‘14), an assistant professor of internal medicine and director of PCC, shared his students’ excitement as they prepared to begin their clerkship rotations the following Monday.

“Now you can jump into code blues, read x-rays and apply catheters. Keep being kind and keep working hard,” said Dr. Fredrickson.

Honored with the M2 Teacher of the Year Award, Daniel Wasdahl, M.D. (pictured in center), associate professor of pathology, was celebrated for his way of condensing lectures and his “impeccable hair styling” by Student Curriculum Council representatives Timothy Fischer (pictured on right) and Saeed Khoncarly (pictured on left).

Since she was unable to attend in person, Dean Elisabeth Young, M.D. (’85), recorded a message for the students to remind them of the importance of their white coats and most important, that they are not alone — whether they are on campus or away at clinical locations. 

“Embrace this time and remember to care and have compassion for yourself,” said Dr. Young.

This year’s Virtuous Healer Honor Society faculty inductee and Student Clinician’s Ceremony keynote speaker, David Deckert, M.D. (’88), encouraged students to imagine his “Mufasa” address — in honor of the recent release of Disney’s The Lion King — being delivered in the voice of James Earl Jones.

Echoing the sentiments of Dr. Young and Mufasa, king of the pride lands, Dr. Deckert (pictured at podium) also reminded students: You are not alone.

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