Funds for Faculty Early Research Ideas

NEOMED Faculty,

For the second continuous year, the REDIzone commercialization program is excited to offer its Faculty Research Award to stimulate and support new NEOMED research! $30K will be shared among two to three awardees. Awardees will be selected by an impartial external review panel with emphasis on short-term projects presenting new research ideas that might enable future grants and lead to new intellectual property.

This award is open to all NEOMED faculty. Applications last year were all meritorious, but the number of available awards was limited. If you submitted last year but was not one of the 2019 recipients, we encourage you to submit your proposal again this year. The submission deadline is Feb. 28, 2019.

Apply online!

If you have any questions, please contact Elliot Reed at ext. 6218, or Marilyn Baade at ext. 6800.

-Submitted by Marilyn Baade

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