Future Scientists Visit NEOMED

“So is this, like, college?”

On a recent rainy day, 25 young students from Noah’s Ark child care and preschool allowed their imaginations to run wild as they learned about NEOMED and the world of health science. The children, aged second through fourth grade, explored the halls and even made some friends along the way, as they met NEOMED Police Chief Meonske and Sgt. Parker.  

“How do electrodes make the brain work?’’ asked one student as they left the anatomy and neurobiology area. “Do you give massages here?” another wondered aloud. Curiosity poured out from the kids as they quizzed their tour guides, repeatedly asking, “What’s in those freezers?” (The bad news: They’re for lab supplies, not for ice cream.)

Maybe we’ll see some familiar faces in the future posing with Nate the Walking Whale once again in the Class of 2033 and beyond!

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