Gary Niehaus Retires

Gary Niehaus, Ph.D., professor of Integrative Medical Sciences, will retire at the end of August after 35 years of service to NEOMED.

Dr. Niehaus began his career at NEOUCOM in 1985 as an assistant professor of physiology. His early research focused on pulmonary pathophysiology secondary to smoke inhalation, hemorrhage, blunt trauma and sepsis.

Later, Dr. Niehaus established a multidisciplinary research focus group and collaboratively developed a liquid crystal-based pathogen detection technology, which resulted in eight patents. This research led to the development of Crystal Diagnostics, where Dr. Niehaus is the chief scientist. [Editor’s note: Dr. Niehaus will continue to work at Crystal Diagnostics, located in the Timkin Corridor of NEOMED’s REDIzone.] In 2008, Dr. Niehaus was awarded the Outstanding Faculty Research Award.

In addition to his research, Dr. Niehaus has taught numerous courses in the College of Medicine curriculum and most recently served as course director for Physiological Basis of Medicine (PBM).

We thank Dr. Niehaus for his years of teaching, research and service to the College of Medicine and the University.

— Submitted by Elisabeth Young, M.D., Dean, College of Medicine

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