Get to Know NEOMED Plus

As the 2020-2021 President of NEOMED Plus, Allison Garner, a third-year College of Pharmacy student, has set out to create an inclusive space for NEOMED students — as well as their children, spouses, parents and significant others.

Garner tells The Pulse more about NEOMED Plus.

What type of student organization is NEOMED Plus?

AG: We are here as a support group for students who have families and priorities outside of school. We give each other advice that may help with any difficulties students may have. As a unified group of students with similar life dynamics, we try to help our children, spouses, significant others and parents understand what student life and our workload is like here at NEOMED.

Who else is part of NEOMED Plus?

AG: Meet our NEOMED Plus officers!

  • Vice President - Kaitlin Fair, P3
  • Secretary - Dijana Zivic, P3
  • Treasurer - Daniel Bentum-Ennin, P3

In your opinion, how can NEOMED Plus benefit the NEOMED student body?

AG: I encourage people to join NEOMED Plus because it is a good source of advice for students who have more than school to handle. Having families outside of school takes multitasking to a new level. This organization provides support and help as needed.

It is important for organizations like NEOMED Plus to be a part of NEOMED because stress is a serious mental issue that can increase if there is no support from others. This organization allows for people with outside circumstances to vent and receive advice on how to deal with the stress, from students who are in the same environment.

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