Get to Know NEOMED's Association of Women Surgeons

The Association of Women Surgeons (AWS) is a national organization that aims to inspire, encourage and enable women surgeons to realize their personal and professional goals. Nupur Goel, a second-year College of Medicine student and AWS president, tells The Pulse more about NEOMED’s chapter.

Why do you encourage your peers to join AWS?

NG: It is a great opportunity for female medical students to explore competitive medical specialties in an inclusive and encouraging environment. 

How will AWS stay active, even if it means virtually, this year?

NG: This year, we plan to introduce a “Meet a Surgeon Speaker Event Series.” One to two times a month, we will be hosting a Q&A session (via Zoom) with female surgeons in a diverse array of surgical fields. Our hope is to expose our AWS club members to different specialties and help illuminate the challenges and successes of female surgeons.

Who is on the AWS board?

  • Co-presidents: Nupur Goel and Taya El-Hayek, M2
  • Vice president: Monique Booher, M2
  • Treasurer: Isabel Kiko, M2
  • Secretary: Caitlin Villers, M2
  • Suturing event chairs: Gina Tubo, M1, and Megan Fritz, M1
  • Community service chairs: Alyssa Basdavanos, M1, and Karina Pedersen, M1
  • Yoga mixer chairs: Kristen Lentz, M1, and Nandhini Ravichandran, M1
  • Fundraising chairs: Rachel Nguyen, M1, and Alekhya Mannava, M1
  • Match mixer chairs: TBD

How can your classmates get involved in this student organization?

 NG: Feel free to email me at or Taya at 

Photo: AWS members and volunteers at the group’s face-covering making event during the summer.

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