Get to Know NEOMED's Committee for Student Clinical Research

As NEOMED's Committee for Student Clinical Research prepares for the upcoming NEOMED Student Research Symposium, scheduled to take place Friday, Nov. 20, Gordon Hong, a second-year College of Medicine student, shares more about the student organization behind the annual event.

Tell us about the Committee for Student Clinical Research.

GH: The mission of the Committee for Student Clinical Research is to promote student research and innovation. Specifically, our goals are to connect students to research and networking opportunities, to share the incredible research our students are currently involved with and develop mentorship opportunities within our community. We work alongside the Office of Research & Sponsored Programs to help make events such as the NEOMED Student Research Symposium and physician speaker events possible.

Who can become involved with the Committee for Student Clinical Research?

GH: Anyone! The group is for students who are interested in progressing the clinical knowledge that research provides, in order to better serve our future patients. We strive to provide opportunities for students on the full spectrum of research, starting with idea formation and mentor selection, all the way to submitting and publishing a manuscript in peer-reviewed journals. We encourage all students to engage with us and our members as often as needed, as well as to become involved in our events.

In your opinion, why is it important for student organizations, like the Committee for Student Clinical Research, to be present at NEOMED?

GH: One of NEOMED’s greatest challenges is our distance from and between our clinical sites, which sometimes makes it difficult to connect with physician researchers. CSCR provides students the opportunity to connect with research mentors around Northeast Ohio and elsewhere. Research allows students to showcase their talents in their field of interest and bolster their resumes for residency applications. Additionally, mentorship can be an integral part of a student’s exploration of different medical specialties. CSCR helps establish NEOMED as a community-oriented institution with significant involvement in academic medicine.

Who is behind the scenes of NEOMED’s Committee for Student Clinical Research?

  • Co-Presidents: Gordon Hong (M2) and Keval Yerigeri (research year)
  • Co-Vice Presidents: Jordan Johnson (M3) and Sanaa Mansoor (M3)
  • Treasurer: Jay Natarajan (M2)
  • Secretary: Manasa Melachuri (research year)
  • Advisor: Jeffrey Wenstrup, Ph.D., associate dean of research, College of Medicine

How will the Committee for Student Clinical Research stay active, even if it means virtually, this year?

GH: We know that all NEOMED students have faced challenges conducting research during these times, and we want to do our part to help everyone continue to conduct and report quality research – even with the setbacks of 2020. We are all always available to be of assistance to NEOMED students and we plan to hold meetings, events, workshops and presentations virtually to provide learning and growth opportunities to all members and students.

We aim to bring opportunities for students to learn and showcase their work in a COVID-friendly and socially distanced way, such as the NEOMED Student Research Symposium on Friday, Nov. 20.

The deadline for observers and participants to register for the NEOMED Student Research Symposium is Wednesday, Nov. 18, at 5 p.m. Once registered, a Zoom link will be provided via email.

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